Playlist 01-01-2023

Playlist SymfoZone #891: 10 personal favourite albums of 2022

  1. Letting Go – Kite Parade (The Way Home)
  2. The Watchmaker (Time On His Side) – Ryo Okumoto (The Myth of the Mostrophus)
  3. The Soldier – The Flower Kings (By Royal Decree)
  4. Feed The Machine – Last Flight To Pluto (Random Karma, Fate and Destiny)
  5. Digital Us – Time Horizon (Power of Three)
  6. The Fisherman of Ephesus – Jethro Tull (The Zealot Gene)
  7. SY22 – Rocking Horse Music Club (Circus Of Wire Dolls)
  8. Daylight – Asia (Asia in Asia – Live At The Budokan Arena 1983)
  9. Yesterday Is Gone – Moon Letters (Thankyou From The Future)
  10. I Am The Chosen One (and I like it) – PreHistoric Animals (The Magical Mystery Machine)