Want to be on the new Nine Stones Close album?

Nine Stones Close need YOUR help!

Nine Stones Close are in the middle of recording and mixing a new album; ‘One Eye On The Sunrise’, due out later this year. For one of the tracks for the new album we are looking for some spoken words to sample and mix with the music. This is where YOU come in.

What do we want you to do?

Record yourself speaking about a sunrise or the darkest part of the night. How does a sunrise make you feel, and how does darkness make you feel? What do they mean to you? What’s the most amazing sunrise you ever saw, or the deepest darkest scariest night experience you ever had? You can say anything you like, in any language you like. It will be nice to have different languages. It could be just a sentence, a monologue, a poem, whatever takes your fancy.

If you do send something in a language other than English, please provide a translation with your recording to the same email address below.

The technical bit.

Try to make as good and clear a recording as possible with no background noise. We don’t really want your washing machine, TV, or yowling dog on our record ;-) Or at least we think we don’t. Please make the recording in a WAV format; mp3 and other compressed formats aren’t high enough quality for the studio. You can use whatever equipment you have available. For Windows users all you need is Windows Sound Recorder and a microphone or headset. Some basic instructions can be found here

Otherwise just google if you need help!

You may ask; what do I do with my recording?

All you need to do once you have your recording is send it to us. The WAV file will be quite large so the best way to do this is to use the wetransfer service, it’s completely free and easy to use and can be found here.

All recordings should be sent to the following address:


What will we do with the recording?

First we will listen to them all and find the bits that we really want to use in the track. Obviously we can’t use everything. Once we have the parts we really want then we will add them to the song and mix them with the music. Your voice will then become part of a Nine Stones Close track on an official release! We aren’t sure if the track will make the final album, but we certainly think it will with your help!

So, what do I get for going to all this trouble?

Everyone who sends in a recording will get a thank you mention in the CD booklet.

For each recording we use you will get a credit in the album sleeve notes and a free signed copy of the CD when it’s released.

How will I know if I made it onto the album?

We will let you know of course! :-)

So here’s your chance to be a part of the new album, so, get recording and send us your creation!

The deadline is mid-July, so get cracking!