Jadis Summer U.K. Gigs

Jadis have confirmed a couple of gigs for the summer.

  • The Peel – Kingston upon Thames – Sat 18th June  (advance tickets are £10.00 and are available by calling – 020 8546 3516)
  • The Roadhouse – Birmingham – Sun 19th June  (advance tickets £8.00 will be available from the Roadhouse website towards the end of April)

They will be playing from start to finish, the whole of their ’92 album ‘More Than Meets The Eye’ which will account for half of the set. The first half will be a selection of songs from their other CDs, including a few songs that they rarely play and they will also be trying out a couple of new tunes which will be from a future album.

Their guest at the Peel will be John Young.

They hope to be able to arrange some gigs in Europe either later this year or early next year.

Jadis now have all of their albums available for legal download from either Itunes, Amazon or from CDbaby. You can either buy the whole albums or just select individual tracks.

Please visit the ‘Merchandise’ section of the Jadis website for the physical CDs that are still available.

The albums now available to download are ‘More Than Meets The Eye’, ‘Medium Rare’ , ‘Understand’, ‘Alive Outside’ , ‘Across The Water’, ‘Somersault’, ‘As Daylight Fades’ , ‘Fanatic’, ‘Photoplay’ and the soundtrack to their 2003 gig in Krakow, Poland which became their DVD ‘View From Above’.

If anyone can help promote the gigs by handing out flyers please let us know and we will send you some.


Please note that the costs on the CD Baby website are shown in dollars so albums work out to be approx £6.00 and individual tracks are £0.60.

The band line up for these gigs will be:

  • Steve Christey
  • Gary Chandler
  • Andy Marlow
  • Arman Vardanyan

Please visit the Jadis website: Jadismusic.com

The band are looking forward to playing again and to seeing some familiar faces.