Frequency Drift: New album ‘Ghosts’

“Ghosts” is the anxiously awaited third studio album German progressive band, Frequency Drift.

While the story of their previous 2 album series “Personal Effects” was set in a dark urban and futuristic setting, the new songs are connected by a different theme. They are about things that haunt us, things that cannot fully be grasped, things we carry with us, emotions that echo from former times. The band conveys this with a slight change in their music and in the atmosphere that is created. Although the cinematic approach is still there, the music is enhanced by the increased use of guitar. Furthermore there is now an even larger variety of stylistic influences such as jazz or even heavy metal. Another highlight are the new hauntingly beautiful yet adventurous violin solos, 70’s style flute parts and intriguing electric harp sections.

“Ghosts” is the first release from Frequency Drift on ProgRock Records and is available for immediate ordering at a $2 discount till late-July 2011 and will be shipped in early August, audio samples, information and ordering can be found here.