Playlist 27-05-2012

Playlist SymfoZone #485: 27-05-2012

  1. Lie – Ultravox (Brilliant)
  2. The Beginning And The End – Anathema (Weather Systems)
  3. Common Ground – Paul Menel Band (Live In Europe 2011)
  4. By The Book (A Pop Song) – Manning (Cascade)
  5. Tech Support Guy – The Tangent (COMM)
  6. Grendel – Marillion (Early Stages, CD 4 Live At Reading)



2 thoughts on “Playlist 27-05-2012

  1. Great show ! Thanks ! I’am from France (Nancy) and i present a radio show like this on Fajet Radio on Monday. It’s call “The Pumpkin Ray” ! I’am very happy to find the same radio show like mine in Deutchland !!!

    1. Bonjour et merci for your kind words. Keep up the good work. Oh, by the way, this is a radio show from Holland, actually ;)

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