Playlist 25-10-2015

Playlist SymfoZone #586: 25-10-2015

Hour 1: 20.00-21.00

We Rise – Issa (Crossfire)
Stress – Pain of Salvation (Falling Home)
Morpheus – Steve Rothery (The Ghosts of Pripyat)
Choir of Ancestors – Gazpacho (Molok)
Overture – Clive Nolan & Oliver Wakeman (Jabberwocky)
Sleepwalk – Jadis (More Than Meets The Eye)
Just Galileo And Me – Billy Sherwood (Citizen)
As Crazy As It Seems – The Room (Beyond The Gates of Bedlam)
Palm Trees – The Fierce and the Dead (Magnet)

Hour 2: 21.00-22.00

Within My Fence – Leprous (The Congregation)
Kaleidoscope – Transatlantic (KaLIVEoscope)
Park Bench – Gazpacho – (Molok)
Tall Ships – Squackett (Life Within A Day)
Repeat It – Man on Fire (Chrysalis)