Playlist 22-06-2014

Playlist SymfoZone #578: 22-06-2014
21.00-22.00: The 2014 Round-up, part 3

Can’t Take That Away – Uriah Heep (Outsider)
Aftershock – Sontaag (Sontaag)
Eternally – Karmakanic (Live In The US)
Street And Circus – Matt Stevens (Lucid)
Solitude – Adventure (Caught In The Web)
Sky And Sea – Alex Carpani (4 Destinies)
Eminent Victorians – Nick Magnus (N’monix)
Close The Door – Panic Room (Incarnate)

22.00-23.00: The 2014 Round up, part 4: Going Dutch

Desperation Of A Soldier – Thirteen (A Shot In The Dark)
The Sea Life – Sebas Honing Songs Of Seas And Oceans)
The Beginning – Mark Bogert (A Story In Parts)
On The Road – Minor Giant (On The Road)
Some Things II – TDW (Music To Stand Around And Look Awkward To)
The Quantum Enigma – Kingdom Of Heaven, part II – Epica (The Quantum Enigma)

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