Playlist 22-05-2022

Playlist SymfoZone #869 R.I.P. Vangelis

  1. Heaven and Hell, part 1: Bacchanale (Heaven and Hell)
  2. Curious Electric (w. Jon Anderson) (Short Stories)
  3. Spiral (Spiral)
  4. He Is Sailing (w. Jon Anderson) (Private Collection)
  5. Perhelion (Rosetta)
  6. Alpha (Albedo 0.39)
  7. State of Independence (w. Jon Anderson) (The Friends of Mr. Cairo)
  8. Heaven and Hell, Movement 3 (Heaven and Hell)
  9. The Dragon (China)
  10. Inside Our Perspectives (Juno To Jupiter)
  11. Page Of Life (w. Jon Anderson) (Page of Life)