Playlist 20-09-2015

Playlist SymfoZone #581: 20-09-2015

First hour: 20.00-21.00

Re-inventing The Future – Operation: Mindcrime (The Key)
Will We Ever Be Free – Steve Hughes (Tales From The Ocean)
Wright Flyer 1903 – Yuka & Chronoship (The 3rd Planetary Chronicles)
Day Five: Voices – Ayreon (The Human Equation)
Playing The Game – Gentle Giant (The Power and The Glory)
Secret Lies – Modest Midget (Crysis)
Northern Lights – Special Providence (Essence of Change)

Second hour: 21.00-22.00

The Grand Experiment – The Neal Morse Band (The Grand Experiment)
Here Comes The Feeling – Asia (Live at High Voltage)
Ride Easy – Asia (Axis XXX Live in San Francisco)
Birth of the Earth: Collision/Stone Age – Yuka & Chronoship (The 3rd Planetary Chronicles)
Love Song To A Vampire – Steve Hackett (Wolflight)
Mister Manson – Klaatu (Sir Army Suit)
Shadow of Doubt – Lars Eric Mattsson (Songs From A Different Room)
Two Of Us – Parzivals Eye (Defragments)