Playlist 17-02-2013

Playlist SymfoZone #516: 17-02-2013

  1. Broken Wings – W.E.T. (Rise Up)
  2. I Got You Eating Out Of My Hand – It Bites (The Big Lad In The Windmill)
  3. Feeding Utopia – Subsignal (Out There Must Be Something)
  4. Beautiful Treadmill – Cosmograf (The Man Left In Space)
  5. No More Than We Deserve – Sanguine Hum (Diving Bell)
  6. For The Love Of Gold – The Flower Kings (Banks Of Eden)
  7. Turning Of The Tide – The Aurora Project (Selling The Aggression)
  8. A Heroes Life – The Enid (Aerie Faerie Nonsense)