Playlist 04-09-2011

Playlist SymfoZone #449: 04-09-2011

Show dedicated to Dutch band Profuna Ocean. All four band members were in the studio, and they talked about their history, goals, inspirations & aspirations. Most of the music played, they brought along.

  1. Murder – Caamora (She)
  2. What Is Your Alibi? – Profuna Ocean
  3. chat with Profuna Ocean’s Fred den Hartog (drums) & Arjan Visser (bass)
  4. Fred den Hartog’s choice: Invisible – Enchant (Blink Of An Eye)
  5. Arjan Visser’s choice: Hysteria – Muse (Haarp)
  6. chat with Profuna Ocean’s Raoul Potters (guitar, vocals) & RenĂ© Visser (keyboards)
  7. Raoul Potters’ choice: Voices In Winter/In The Realms Of The Divine – Pure Reason Revolution (The Dark Third)
  8. RenĂ© Visser’s choice: On An Island – David Gilmour (Live In Gdansk)