…music has magic, that stuff of syncopation…

Yes – Our Song (90125)

SymfoZone is a Dutch radio show, that started in 1999 on local station StadsRadio Nijmegen. As the name suggests, the show is all about progressive, symphonic and melodic rock music. The 2-hour weekly show also informs the listeners about new releases, hot news and we also throw in a weekly concert guide for good measure. Since November 2006, SymfoZone found a new home at UniqueFM, but the radio station went out of business in June 2014. As of September 2015, SymfoZone is being broadcast on GL8 (www.gl8media.nl) every Sunday evening from 9-10 PM (CET).

To listen to the live stream, just click the green mic button on your right.

Enjoy your stay at the website, tune in, and give us some feedback.


Jos Heijmans